Elk Creek Township

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Roadwork & Public Safety



 SNOW REMOVAL TIP… If your driveway is cleared before the street is plowed, clear the area to the right of your driveway (when facing the house). When the plow comes by the snow will dump in this clear area, minimizing the amount left in your driveway.  

Do not plow or push snow across township roads or into ditches.  

2019 Road Projects


2019 West Road Culvert Replacement

2019 Reservoir Road Bridge Replacement

The Gravel Pit


Elk Creek Township Gravel Pit produces all of the road base for our road projects saving the Township money each year. 

Whittaker Road Project 2017/18


Dirt and Gravel Roads with the Erie County Conservation District helped the Township fix the drainage issues on Whittaker Road with a huge arch culvert, drainage pipes and DSA (driving surface aggregate). 

West Road Bridge Replacement


Act 13 Bridge Replacement. A new wooden deck and wing walls were replaced in 2017. 

Pageville Road


Pageville Road Paving Project 2019

1/2 mile was resurfaced and seal coated in September 2019.

Preferred Mailbox Design for Residential Roadside Mailboxes.

Public Safety

The Cranesville Volunteer Fire Department serves most of our Township. The Edinboro Volunteer Fire Department also provides service.

Our Township is one of the members of the West Erie County Emergency Management Agency and our Emergency Management Coordinator is Chuck Kanarr.

Call 811 before you dig!


Cranesville Volunteer Fire Department

FD President, Brandon Kennedy; Elk Creek Township Chairman, William Taylor; FD Treasurer Lou DePalma                                                                                                              2019 Donation to Assist with New Truck Payment