Living in Elk Creek Township

Tax Collector - Shirley Bilek

Shirley Bilek is the appointed Tax Collector for our Township. Tax bills can be mailed or paid in person.

Elk Creek Township Tax Collector
9225 Fillinger Road 

Cranesville, PA 16410
(814) 756-4500

General Data

Elk Creek Township was incorporated in May of 1800 and is 31.96 square miles. There is no zoning. Township Tax Millage: 3.0
School Tax Millage: 9.3893
Township roads = 51.10 miles
State Representative is Brad Roae
State Senator is Michelle Brooks

Northwestern School District

Our school aged residents attend Northwestern. 

Springfield Elementary

Northwestern Elementary

Northwestern Middle School

Northwestern High School

Residential Waste

Elk Creek Township is a rural community and is not contracted with a waste company.  Residents can choose. Here are some local companies:

Waste Management 

(Twp office sells WM bags - 5 @ $27.50)
Raccoon Refuse
Tri-County Waste
B & B Disposal


When subdividing your property, Elk Creek Township follows the rules and regulations of Erie County. 

A property survey would need to be completed and mylars submitted to Elk Creek Township Planning, Elk Creek Township Board of Supervisors, Erie County Planning and then registered at the Erie County Courthouse, respectively.

Sewer Maintenance & Oversight

The Erie County Department of Health (ECDH) is to be contacted for any septic issues or installs. 

(814) 451-6700. 

Septic approval is needed before an address can be assigned.

Resident information


Building Permit Exemptions

Any time you have a construction project on your property in Elk Creek Township, you must obtain a building permit exemption from the Township office. 

These permits almost always coincide with a Stormwater Application. 

Setbacks for building:

Front: 40'    Rear: 50'    Sides: 20'

Grandview Avenue Setbacks:

Front: 25'    Rear: 30'     Sides: 10'

Winchester Drive Setbacks:

Front: 40'    Rear: 50'     Sides: 20'

Building Permit exemption application

Stormwater Application

If you cover the earth and create an impervious surface, you need to submit a Stormwater Application (ie. building, driveway, patio, sidewalk, etc.). The impervious service is measured in square feet and is cumulative Permit fees vary depending on scope of project.

Projects under 1,000 sq ft $0

Projects 1,000-4,999 sq ft $100

Projects larger than 5k sq ft can incur engineer fees + $100 app fee.

Stormwater application

10 ton Weight Limit on all Township Roads

All Township roads in Elk Creek Township are limited to under 10 ton vehicles. If you are trucking in product to your property or logging a property, please request a permit to exceed this limit.  If you are employing a contractor or lumber company, they are the party required to bond the road route to your site.  Routes must be approved and permitted before exceeding the weight limit and permits must be carried in each vehicle. Application fee is $100. Bond amount is $6,000 mi for dirt/gravel roads and $12,500 mi for paved.

Exceed weight limit application

Political Sign Permit

Political signs are allowed to be placed in the Township road right-of-ways, but only if permitted and a bond placed to ensure removal. The refundable bond is $100. No signs will be erected sooner than 30 days prior to election and must be removed within 10 days following the election or bond is forfeited.

Political Sign Bond

Outdoor Amusement Permit

Outdoor festivals, carnivals, exhibitions, entertainment or amusements for which admission is charged  or other reward need to be licensed by the Township.  Some activities will require a bond or proof of insurance, depending on the size. No outdoor events shall commence before 9:00 am or continue later than 11:00 pm, M-Sat and before 12:00 noon or after 9:00 pm on Sun. Application fee: $25

Outdoor Amusement Application

Driveway Permit Application

If you need to install a new driveway and live on a Township road, you will need to obtain a permit.  Permits are only issued on new properties with septic approval issued by the ECDH. A culvert pipe may also need to be installed. This is determined by the Township Foreman and would be purchased by the property owner. A stormwater application is also warranted for driveway installations. 

Permit $75

1 load gravel w/ permit $225

2 loads gravel w/ permit $350

Driveway Permit Application

And more.....




All Right-to-Know requests must be submitted using the State Office of Open Records form. 

Electronic copies = $0 Black/White paper copy = .25 cents each; Color paper copy = .35 cents each.

Request form

Mailbox Placement - Recommended Specifications

Mailbox Mounting

Before you Dig.....

Residents of Pennsylvania can call 811 to have the underground utilities find underground pipes and wires before a digging or trenching project. Safety First!